Stock photo…

I just finished reading The photographer’s eye by Michael Freeman.
I read it for the first time at the beginning of my photographic activity, when I decided to engage in this hobby almost all of my day spare time and nights.
At that time my critical abilities were still to be grown and I see that reading the same text today, after a few more years of experience, has a totally different effect.
Above all, they are the images chosen by the photographer that struck me: I woul discard many of them! …too blurry or not well exposed, or because of their harsh shadows…or, finally, because of what i consider a meaningless subject.
And I wondered: How many of my shots did I discard in the past years, that may not have been that bad?
So I set to find at least four good shots in my archive (fortunally I usually don’t throw away anything…).
It was hard work, but here is the result: