A new photo just added to my Wildlife Gallery

I took this picture during my last day off to the mountains, to the Lac Blanc, near Argentière, in France. More than 2 hours and a raise of one thousand meters to get the Lac Blank Dew. We climbed very fast, in spite of all.

IIt was september, yet we found a lot of snow and the iron road was more difficult than expected. The stairs were frozen and I had to wear my gloves to grasp hold to them, but with gloves my hands slid! I was worried about my camera and my lenses into my backpack, of course! 
Looking up, I sow the stairs disappearing into the fog… I started wondering where I was going…
We met few Ibexes, who materialized out of the fog in dead silence, like ghosts… in surreal feel… Everything was white and grey, and noiseless.
At the end, walking in that dreamy silence, we got the dew. The view was spectacular enough to leave us breathless.

It was worth it, definitely!”

On the way to Lac Blanc Dew, Mont Blanc, Argentière, France

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