Yesterday I was asked to write my short biography to go with an article that will be released soon about “L’Amo”.
I wrote lots of biographies, but never my own. It was not so easy to fit into a few lines writing an entire lifetime! I concentrated on my interest in photography which, on second thoughts, is not just an activity… it’s part of me and represents me. It’s the way I express myself, the way I communicate my vision of life.

Here’s what I wrote:

“After classical studies, she earned a degree in archeology, but her interest is already addressed elsewhere.
Formed first in the school of journalism and then in that of photography, she applies the criteria of the first to the second, using photography to investigate the reality, attempting to return it in the eyes of viewer as objectively as possible and pure.
That’s why she chooses natural light almost exclusively, dropping the use of flash. When not possible, she inserts the artificial light in her pictures clearly and provocatively, to denounce its presence explicitly.
That is to say: no tricks, no cheating.
The sensitivity of the photographer, so attentive to the colors and shapes, blends with the critical eye and the curiosity of the journalist to draw out from daily things a different story every time”.