“Pyramiden, ghost city dell’Artico” on FotoUp – Photo Movement

I proposed to Fotoup.net a report on the situation of the Arctic region, between Russia and other countries that want to exploit the immense deposits of oil under the polar cap.
It has been published here.




Fish-Eye Review. Let’s talk on photography!

I’ am  morbidly curious, I know it. I spend all the time that I can combing through the net, newspapers and magazines  searching  interesting things and, since I am so found of photography, I focus on that and, with time, I collected an impressive amount of links, bookmarks, feed, RSS… A friend of mine (very geek one, I tell you) showed me  a couple of tools that helps me a lot in doing that and I set up two binders of information:

Fish-Eye Newspaper: a collection of links coming from other photo enthusiastics.

Fish-Eye Review:  a totally Italian press review about exhibitions, events, information and news. Now online: