Taking pictures, a way to see…

Once a friend told me that he took pictures as a way to see. At that moment I did not understand the meaning of those words, it looked like a nonsense to me: at most, we need to see to take a picture, I thought. Recently those words came to my mind because that is what is happening to me right now. Let me make it clear.

I really like travelling, I always try to see new places, to go somewhere I’ve never been before, sometimes unusual places, sometimes famous tourist destinations. And every time I need to wait to see the pictures I took in order to completely get the meaning of my travelling. they work like a decanter for my feelings and sensations. while reviewing the photographs of some place, in fact, I see details that I didn’t notice while I was there. And that’s not all: often reviewing allows me to discover a different dimension of the very same place, one that I had only vaguely grasped while there, almost unconsciously. The choice of the cut or the focus on a particular subject can explain to myself what I was feeling while shooting, even something I couldn’t understand at that very moment.

For this reason, once I’m back home, I need time to show pictures to relatives and friends. I prefer to review them before, accordingly to my taste. Post-production processing is not just a way to get a more pleasant image, it’s a way to attach greater meaning to the same picture.