The delights of the square format

I spent Christmas time to the mountains, same place as always. It was not easy to find inspiration for new landscapes. To be honest, I did not get inspiration at all, but I decided to have a walk with my Nikon eventually. I was lucky in finding a beautiful sunny day. I went to Val Ferret, even more beautiful and charming in winter time than in summer, enclosed among the rugged peaks of Mont Blanc and its rounded buttresses. I started walking in the snow trying to see with new eyes what I had seen and photographed many times. And I started thinking .. “square”. Square is a format I have not used often. It seems a difficult format, which requires a more accurate picture composition than others. I’ve bin many shots because when the square format was applied they seemed meaningless, while others seemed to improve proportion and symmetry. Anyhow, it was very interesting, entertaining and challenging as well.
Here are the first results: